SRA Group, LLC is located in New York City and focuses on architecture, planning, design & construction management.

Our staff has over 50 years of experience

In all types of architecture, expediting and code consulting. We are recognized by our peers as being innovative and versatile in our project approach. We take on commercial and residential projects in the New York Metropolitan area.

Creating your vision

We are dedicated to providing the best in a full range of Architectural and Engineering services. We pride ourselves on putting the client's needs first, addressing concerns and solving problems on a day-to-day basis. This results in optimal design solutions that meet the client's goals and anticipate future needs. We bring a unique approach to every phase of the project because the principals are actively involved. Our firm offers the broadest spectrum of services and utilizes the most advanced equipment and technologies available.


  • Master Planning & Site Selection

    Master Planing
    • A database covering all required spaces developed through interviews with your key personnel.
    • Projection of growth patterns and their influence on spatial needs.
    • Analysis of the impact on area requirements of various space standards, ultimately optimizing space efficiencies.
    • Future growth studies of office automation technologies and their impact on space.

    Site Selection
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Area Analysis
    • Site Inspection
    • Base Building Analysis
    • Engineering Analysis
    • Code Analysis

  • Architectural Design & Planning

    Programming: The collection and confirmation of functionality, design and budget needs as forwarded to us from the individual(s) familiar with the operation of your company.

    Schematic Concepts: Creation of preliminary layouts including blocking and stacking plans as required to achieve the goals developed during programming (Master Planning).

    Design Development: Preparation of detailed plans showing furniture, colors and finishes to accomplish your company's design objectives, along with budgets and schedules for your review and approval.

    Contract Documents: Creation of a complete set of Architectural drawings and specifications adequate for the bidding, estimating, and construction of your new quarters.

    Contract Administration: The awarding of the contract for construction to the successful bidder and the supervision required to assure the conformance of the design created within the previously approved budget. This phase includes shop drawing approval and review, job meetings, coordination, invoice processing, preparation and final inspection of the completed punchlist.

  • Engineering Services

    • Review of proposed buildings to determine the adequacy of electrical and HVAC services.

    • Calculation of electrical, plumbing and air conditioning loads.

    • Inspection of the proposed site to determine how existing field conditions will affect the project.

    • Proposal of ductwork distribution equipment and plumbing design, as well as a budget outlining the costs of these systems.

    • Evaluation of life cycle costs of equipment and alternate materials and methods of construction.

    • Review of shop drawings and material specifications submitted by the contractor to ensure accurate conformance to the plans and specifications.

    • Completion of a punchlist for mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades and a follow-up inspection.v

  • Construction Management

    Quality Control: Using our "hands on" approach we can maintain design. Integrity and specification conformance to maintain quality control.

    "Turnkey Project:" A smooth transition between design and construction will provide a completely integrated project eliminating the need for active involvement in day-to-day operations by any of the client's staff.

    Value Engineering: Upon completion of the bidding process Steven Rowland & Associates, P.C. can work with the lowest bidders from each construction trade to implement a value engineering process that highlights areas where cost savings can be achieved at no loss in quality. This extensive process ultimately results in additional cost savings to the client.

    Project Completion: With a representative on site on a daily basis we can make critical decisions in a timely manner to assure strict adherence to the overall project schedule.

  • Furniture & Equipment

    • Creation of a detailed furniture survey of the existing furniture documenting its color, type, Creation of alternate schemes of new furniture to fit within your budget and desired function.

    • Creation of bid specifications for all new furniture, furnishings and minor equipment indicating desired finish and configurations.

    • Distribution of the bid specification package to qualified bidders. Review and award of contract to successful bidders and recommendation of selected furniture scheme.

    • Coordination of the purchase, delivery and installation of all new furniture as well as the tagging of existing furniture for relocation.

    • Preparation of a furniture and furnishings punchlist and final inspection of the completed punchlist.

  • Building Department (Expediting)

    • A preliminary Code Evaluation
    • A building Code Violation Investigation
    • An American with Disabilities Act Compliance and Report
    • A building Department Expedition
    • A controlled Inspection

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